Energy Audit

Managing energy use in buildings is a constant challenge. We know that for those responsible, it is a role with intense, target-driven pressures and the biggest obstacle to hitting those targets in most buildings and estates. Simple, you don't know where it's being wasted. The data you have is unclear, incomplete, and from disparate sources, your meters don't talk to each other, and you don't have a clear overview to base your decisions on. That is the story for thousands of buildings, properties, and facilities around the world right now. And solving that issue is what we are all about.

The Tradersturf.Energy solution is Energy Audit. A solution that consists of per asset energy monitoring, generating an energy baseline profile, analyzing electricity consumption, assessment of equipment, and recommendations to reduce your energy consumption.

Step 1.) Fact Find & Installation of Eniscope

The process starts by getting to know your site's equipment and energy consumption. We then install Eniscope, a real-time energy monitoring system. It becomes the gateway to a world of energy information.

Key Information we will need includes:

  • 12 Months of Energy Bills

  • On-Site Equipment List​

  • ​Electrical Load Schedule

Step 2.) Monitoring & Analysis of Energy Profile Data

Monitoring for at least 28 days with high resolution minute-by-minute asset-level data across all electrical parameters to determine a detailed, graphical and granular energy profile for your site. Our team of experts will then analyze all the energy data for potential energy leaks, expose energy abusing equipment, and operational improvements.

Step 3.) Recommendation & Reconcialiation




With the established and analyzed data, we will present a comprehensive recommendation that contains suites of operational change, behavioral change, and retrofit installation bespoke to your site. And with the Eniscope's per asset energy visibly we can easily measure, verify and reconcile the impact of our recommendation.

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