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Air Conditioning Energy Saver (Retrofit air-con optimizer!)

Air-conditioning systems are designed to provide force-cooled air into a room, thereby lowering and maintaining the temperature to an acceptable predetermined comfort level. The problem is that they don’t do this intelligently.Such systems are generally switched off via a thermostat or simple programmer. Typically the compressor and fan within the air-con simply run until the thermostat or target temperature is satisfied. During this period the compressor consumes most of the energy, with the fan using a negligible amount by comparison. But did that energy-intensive compressor need to be running the whole time?Throughout the cooling cycle the compressor will provide cooling to the coils within the duct and the fan will extract ‘warm’ air from the room. As it passes across the cooling coils it loses its heat and the heat is subsequently expelled from the building.It is widely recognized that as cooling begins to take effect in the room, the temperature of the air entering the duct falls and the differential in temperature between the air entering and leaving the system narrows and a threshold known as “thermodynamic saturation” is achieved. This is the stall point at which the air leaving the system is no longer benefiting from the aggressive cooling and yet the compressor will still needlessly continue to run, flat out!Does this mean that there are significant periods of time during each duty cycle when the compressor is running without any beneficial effect on the room temperature? Yes, almost certainly!In almost all cases yes… compressors often run when they don’t need to and when they do run they invariably use more energy than they really need! Based on thirty years experience with sophisticated temperature sensing modules and intelligent motor control, BEST have developed air conditioning energy savers that specifically address both of these problems in a unique and holistic way. ACES 2 can deliver significantly reduced energy costs and at the same time even improve levels of comfort. Combined with both the features of intelligent temperature sensing and microprocessor based-on self learning control algorithms that constantly monitor the temperature of the air passing across the cooling coils.

ACES 2 directly addresses the problem of thermodynamic saturation (TS). Through advanced temperature sensing and control algorithms, the ACES 2 unit detects the exact point at which TS is reached and switches the compressor off.It doesn’t touch the fan though, which continues to run – maximizing the effect of latent cooling left in the compressor’s coils. The fan draws a negligible amount of energy, so this barely impacts the device’s energy profile.When the compressor is needed again, ACES 2 commands the air-con to pop it on again. The result is that your energy-hungry compressor only works when it’s needed. Your air-con performance stays the same, but your energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 35%.As you can see, the introduction of the ACES 2 product into an air-con fixture modulates the supply of air into the space. Whilst never actually breaching the temperature set on the thermostat or programmer, the system switches the compressor on and off as required.

ACES 2 is a plug-and-play system, easily and safely installed by an electrician. It offers the chance to transform energy management in a facility with automated intelligence that switches energy-abusing air conditioning equipment on and off automatically. That functionality can work on the basis of logic controls; a set of rules which, if satisfied, ‘trigger’ the on or off function. Or you can control it manually, switching equipment off yourself when you see (with Eniscope’s analytics) that consumption is excessive or active out-of-hours,for example. The ACES 2 offers up to 5 output relays to switch your devices on or off and has the ability to monitor up to 4 analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs and up to 6 temperature sensors. The result is a considerable amount of time where the aircon is active, but not drawing excessive amounts of energy from your supplier.The ACES 2 uses on-board software to display live input readings, and allow you to program the logic controller and switch your output relays on or off. You can also view your data as graphs or charts on our website, via MQTT. And if you’d prefer a schedule to a set of logic rules - no problem, there’s a built in scheduler as well! Make decisions on the go with our mobile app - available as standard with all ACES 2 installations.

Through very wide application, we have found the most remarkable results in industries like convenience stores and fast food chains – particularly in warmer climates – where a cool space is a must and air-con spend is consequently very high. Even so, just about any building anywhere can benefit from this technology.

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