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Are they really enough ? Three heads are better than two!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Employees are the biggest asset of a successful business. It’s not always about sales. We must also consider the wellness and comfort of the employees who are the jam in your pb n’ j sandwich. Having a conducive environment makes it motivating and translates to higher productivity. Hi-tech equipment in the building such as HVAC and lighting are just some of the few things that is needed to achieve this. Although these things will cause huge damage on your electricity bills. And as time passes by, any equipment gets outdated and worn out. Enough reasons for companies to invest on building management systems and preventive maintenance programs. But are they enough? Apparently not. One has to know the effectivity of such program or system. And as we consume electricity on every moment means every second counts. That is why having a real-time visibility of one’s energy consumption at the equipment level is vital.

Being equipped with an energy monitoring system can do the trick. But how? Well, using preventive maintenance you need at least a month to know if your repairs have been successful. When you can compare your previous electric bill to current ones. And that’s too long of a wait; that’s lost opportunity right there. In business, you need speed because your shareholders do, your customers sure damn do. Responsiveness has become a norm and there’s no other choice if you don’t want to be left behind. We are in a technological era now. Imagine a building management system being a car without a dashboard. An energy monitoring system allows you to pinpoint certain areas in your facility that require much attention. It also enables companies to see if an equipment is failing, thus, it can tell if you are doing a good job on your preventive maintenance. Equipping your company with a building management system and incorporating a preventive maintenance program is a good way to go. An energy monitoring system alone can do much more. Imagine what a trifecta can do.

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