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ATMOS (Intelligent Retrofit Control for High-Bay Lightings !)

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The demand for quality High-Bay lighting solutions remain strong; and as the price of hardware has come down while simultaneously energy costs has continued to rise the business case has never been better. However, there is an increasing number of competitive products in the market ostensibly claiming to do the same thing namely; provide better quality light at significantly reduced running costs. It’s not always easy to differentiate when planning large schemes. Efforts to add control by using things like basic timers or occupancy sensors are all too often flawed, especially with High-Bay applications as the sensors give inconsistent results... having to wave your arms about to get the light to come on is frustrating to say the least. When timers go out of sync they invariably get overridden. Furthermore there is no easy way to compensate for variations in natural ambient light during the course of a day. Do you know what the second greatest problem with lighting systems is? Humans! Humans are forgetful, unreliable beasts in the most part – always leaving lights on. The only way to solve that problem, is to take them out of the equation!

Atmos is the most advanced, intelligent lighting control available today. When integrated with Eluma, our Atmos sensor becomes your ‘eye in the sky’ keeping an eye on occupancy levels. If a room is unoccupied, the system will dim or switch off. But more than that, each fixture has its own sensor, so the whole network of lights within a facility can react organically and independently. So if your staff are only in one half of a warehouse, then other half can dim automatically – instantly brightening again when someone walks by. Atmos is a wireless sensor that not only monitors and reacts to occupancy levels, but also to subtle variations in ambient light. This is absolutely crucial, because it allows our product to provide “daylight harvesting” - a smart way of maintaining light levels with the minimum amount of energy used. The concept behind daylight harvesting is a simple one. Every day, the sun contributes to the lighting in your facility at varying levels. At some points, it streams through the windows providing a huge amount of good quality light. At others, it barely makes a difference. Our intelligent lighting sensors moderate the output of your Eluma lights to react to these changes.The goal is to maintain a perfect level of lighting in your facility, at the minimum level of energy. So if extra daylight is available, then the lights will dim. If less is available, the lights will strengthen their output. And all this happens completely automatically, without any input from you.

The result is perfect lighting all the time, and up to 20% extra savings over standard LEDs. When designing a new lighting scheme with almost any luminaire the performance of your solution can be transformed through each unit having its own highly configurable intelligent wireless sensor that not only monitors and reacts to occupancy through our unique Passive Infra-red eye, but also responds to subtle variations in ambient light. Atmos will integrate with both digital and analogue devices and is based on wireless technology control. Atmos is simple to install and set up to your exacting needs and will deliver phenomenal results every time with zero maintenance requirements. Atmos provides control for the new generation of intelligent lighting solutions that gives businesses optimum control over their energy costs and carbon footprint by delivering the precise amount of light (LUX), when and where required – no more – no less! Our bespoke highly programmable and highly reference-able software is accessed via the Atmos handheld remote wireless control panel, enabling you to simultaneously deliver optimal lighting and cost control over a large floor area. By giving you control over light levels down to 1% increments, Atmos will ensure you consistently maximize on your energy efficiency by enabling you to benefit from having the most configurable luminaire available, with the highest level of ROI.

Atmos is perfectly suited for integration into High-Bay installations found in factories, retail parks, malls, arenas, car showrooms, exhibition halls, hypermarkets etc. There are thousands of potential applications.Also warehousing and distribution.

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