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Eluma(Intelligent retrofit LED lighting!)

In today’s business environment, managing and controlling energy costs has become a critical financial requirement. Increased competition, lower margins, sharply rising energy prices, carbon foot printing, corporate social responsibility and key stakeholder demands have put energy efficiency, waste and resources, firmly on the business agenda. Right now, lighting could account for upwards of 57% of your energy bill. A good portion of it is being wasted. Managing lighting effectively reduces costs and waste, retains customers and raises profits. Historically, lighting has been bundled into infrastructure and operational costs in an unidentifiable way, allowing highly inefficient systems to be installed. The costs of an inefficient lighting system are born month on month, needlessly wasting energy and pushing up organizational costs.

The ongoing development of energy saving technologies and cloud based energy monitoring enable today’s organizations to easily and quickly quantify and manage their energy usage, meeting operational and Health & Safety needs whilst precisely controlling costs. Managing and controlling lightings has become a critical financial requirement. Improving and monitoring operating efficiencies delivers significant monetary value, and quick paybacks whilst sending a positive and highly visible message.

Lightning systems typically suffer from two considerable and expensive issues which are heat wastage and human inefficiency. Energy used by traditional lighting is mostly wasted in heat, up to 95% in some cases. It’s a simple but effective analogy – you go to change a bulb at home and, if it’s been on for a little while, it is scalding hot to the touch. We think nothing of it, but how much electricity have you paid to heat that bulb up, with no benefit to yourself?

It’s the same in the commercial field – except multiplied hundreds of times over. Moreover, humans are a poor and in accurate solution to lighting control. Turning lights off isn’t hard, but moderating the lights to exactly the level needed by employees every minute of the day? That’s hard. No human can possibly achieve the precise level of control an intelligent, artificial solution can. The BEST way to solve this problem is Eluma, a super-efficient lighting system with occupancy and daylight sensors as standard, saving our clients in many cases over 85% of their lighting costs. When it comes to LED lighting for industrial installations, no other company comes close to the expertise, experience and technical brilliance that BEST can offer.

Our Eluma system is the product of a unique collaboration with Suresense Technologies, a UK energy saving specialist with 30 years of experience in the industry. Decades of practical experiences combine with technical expertise to produce a cutting edge, ‘best-in-class’ solution with the potential to revolutionize the commercial lighting market. Put simply, Eluma combines the already considerable benefits of LED lighting technology with two crucial innovations. A unique casing design that dissipates heat incredibly efficiently, keeping the unit cool. A smart, infrared guided lighting automation system, which keeps the light levels in your space at exactly where you want them – constantly adjusting to the daylight available and dimming or turning off when nobody is around.

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