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Eniscope Air Connect(A small but powerful IoT connection hub.)

Occupying an important position at the very centre of the Eniscope Air suite of products, the Eniscope Air Connect is a radio transceiver that enables all ‘Air’ devices to communicate with the master Eniscope system. Eniscope Air Connect introduces the conditions required for a truly IoT connected building to exist. Providing the LoRa network that all Eniscope Air products rely on, this small but powerful device is a true ‘facilitator’ for effective energy saving projects. The device is backwards compatible, allowing it to work with all incumbent Eniscope devices anywhere in the world.

The Eniscope Air Connect device uses a LoRa network that limits the need for unreliable and costly Wi-Fi networking. It has been designed with cost minimization for installation and maintenance in mind, providing an extremely cost-effective solution - up to 72% cheaper than the cheapest direct alternative in a recent study*. It offers AES encryption, unique and permanent endpoint IDs and capacity for over 100 sensors per Connect device.

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