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Eniscope Air Switch (Retrofit Device level monitoring & intelligent control)

Eniscope Air Switch is an RF connected and controlled device offered as part of the ‘Eniscope Air’ suite of wireless energy saving products. It measures the power consumed by an attached device and allows the device to be turned on or off remotely. This can be housed in various ways depending on its application and includes a soft override switch. This solution has a variety of real-world applications, but has been designed specifically with plug-loads, like vending machines, in mind.

The Eniscope Air Switch is a robust and highly effective device, with load switch endurance at around 1,000,000 operations. It offers local as well as remote load control via a 3 pin interface, 20A switching capacity and LED link indicators for the RF connection. With a dependable LoRa network, this device removes the need for WiFi networking. BEST’s UK-based Research & Development team are also developing an algorithm that will enable the Eniscope Air Switch to learn the optimal operation profile for maximum savings without compromising the connected device’s performance, which will introduce an exciting further layer of automated intelligence to this product’s functionality. Unique features include; true power measurement, higher switching capacity than competitive devices, tamper and weather-proof construction and Eniscope Air compatibility for long-range control and scheduling.

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