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Eniscope (Philippines' assistance towards energy saving)

Eniscope is truly an end-to-end, real-time energy management platform. Eniscope allows facilities managers, estate managers, building owners and more, to get a complete picture of their portfolio’s energy consumption. Designed in the UK, Eniscope has been honed over 10 years of successful global operation - with successful installations in household names like KFC, Telefonica, IBM and 7-Eleven. Eniscope is an energy management ecosystem. Not just a hardware box; Eniscope is software, intuitive reporting dashboards, public displays, alerts, alarms and so much more.

With ten years of successful operation across thousands of buildings the world over, we have developed a set of tools perfect for every property manager. Second-by-second data is fed to your dashboard, available from any device, anywhere. Multiple-facilities all send data to one central analysis point, making full estate management easy and location-to-location bench-marking readily available. And with our new ‘Eniscope Air’ functionality, Eniscope doesn’t work alone. Each device is IoT connected and able to receive data from wireless sensors across the facility - that means occupancy, temperature, humidity and much more; all placing your energy data in context. And taking advantage of this is easier than ever before, with remote control functionality that allows you to turn off energy-abusing equipment at the touch of a button, on an automated schedule or even based on a series of logic-based rules with our new automated intelligence features.

Unlike many competitive products, Eniscope offers both hardware and software in a single solution.

With one intuitive, cloud-based platform, energy managers can access real-time data from dozens of sites in a single location. That data can be displayed in a variety of chart types and analyzed at granularity levels as fine as 1-minute intervals, including on our proprietary Android and iOS smartphone apps. Time periods can be compared, data exported, alarms set and a range of end products created - including automated reports and tenant billing. And with full integration into a custom version of Microsoft Power BI, Eniscope offers customizable visual dashboards and reports. Behavior change is key to effective energy management, and with our customized public displays this is made easier than ever. League tables, real-world comparison figures (eg. energy saved = trees planted) and daily statistics help motivate and engage stakeholders, turning them from part of the problem into a key component of the solution. The hardware element of an Eniscope System starts with Advanced Metering to accurately capture your critical energy data... whether at building, department, circuit or equipment level. This information is collected in real-time by the Data Gathering component of the system and delivered locally and over the web via a stunning range of real-time energy displays. Our results testify that seeing your live energy consumption disaggregated into its key components empowers you to cut your costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

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