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We always knew the importance of saving energy. Given that the price of electricity increases vastly, we come to think on how to go about it. Should we opt for energy conservation or energy efficiency?

It would be easy to think that the two mean the same thing, but there is a small but distinct difference between the two in the world of energy. Energy conservation is about decision and the practice of using less energy. It revolves around adjusting our behavior and habits on how we consume energy. While energy efficiency mainly involves tapping into technologies that consume less energy while achieving the same objective. A simple example would be changing your light bulbs with LEDs. It will initially cost you some money which will eventually catch on and be recovered in the long run.

And as the technology becomes cheaper thru continuous innovation, recovery period will only continue to decrease, but still relative to our demand.

Energy efficiency and energy conservation may technically be different but they both headed to the same goal of saving energy money. Incorporating any one of these two methods will take you there. Using them simultaneously will take you beyond it.

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