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Integra (Retrofit SMART Speed Drives)

Energy can be a significant component cost in the production of most products we purchase. Indeed, some 65% of all energy in industry is consumed by AC induction motors. Approximately 10% of all these motors are operating in applications that require variable speed conditions. However, the vast majority needs to operate at a single or fixed-speed. Installing a variable speed drive onto a fixed speed application is a bad idea. It can increase the running cost by a much as 6-8%. The loading on a motor during the typical duty cycle can fluctuate dramatically, ranging from 0-100%. While there is a measure of reactance within the motor windings, the motor has no way of intelligently adjusting the amount of power it consumes in relation to the job of work it does. Wasted energy is converted to heat, vibration and noise.

Integra is actually not one product, but a ‘family’ of products. They are intelligent controllers for fixed-speed motors, suitable for almost any motor size and application - with an extensive range of special application pre-sets and adjustable controls. Integra combines world leading soft start, intelligent load monitoring, energy optimization and controlled stopping in a smartly designed, easy to install and competitively priced unit. Due to variable duty cycles, many of your motors probably run at less than 50% of their capacity for much of their duty cycle. It is well known that motors are unintelligent and that in these off-load parts of the duty cycle they consume much more electricity than they actually need.

This excess consumption is not only an unnecessary cost on your energy bill, but it also serves to damage your equipment as the excess energy is released through the windings of the motor in the form of heat, vibration and noise. lntegra will give your motors intelligence. By monitoring the load on the shaft of the motor every half cycle of the supply, lntegra will feed your motors the electricity that they require to run efficiently at any point in the duty cycle. Integra integrates fully with its surroundings, and can even switch your motors off automatically when they are not being used, or use stored energy in certain applications (such as flywheel mechanisms) to reduce your electricity consumption even further In effect; Integra electronically ‘re-sizes’ the motor to both its application and load cycle every 10 milliseconds. Integra is perfect for fixed speed applications because motor rpm is maintained at all times. Integra can also be configured to turn off the motor when no load is detected. Integra can extend motor life, reduce maintenance costs and save a fortune in the process. Payback is normally achieved within two years, sometimes just a few months. Like the Cruise control on a car that will intelligently adjust the amount of power being produced by the engine in order to maintain a fixed speed. Integra can do the same for your motors and save 10% - 40%. It achieves this by converting the motor into its own load sensor to ensure that it uses the exact amount of energy required to do the job of work at any instant in time, no more – no less! In effect Integra ensures that the motor runs at optimum efficiency throughout the load cycle by constantly monitoring and controlling torque. This means that the full load capability of the motor is never compromised. The motor can still draw full power when required in 50th of a second but at partial loads, particularly below 50%, significant savings can be achieved.

Integra is perfect for fixed speed applications with variable loads because the exact synchronous speed of motor is maintained at all times. Powerful digital technology has allowed lntegra to utilize well established soft start engineering solutions to good effect whilst the motor is running. By adjusting the switch-on point relative to the voltage zero crossing in each half cycle of the supply, it is possible to regulate the current flowing through the thyristors by controlling the voltage. The thyristors are switched on at a calculated point in the waveform; the closer this is to the zero crossing point in the waveform, the smaller the value of the current that will be allowed to flow. Using this principle and by connecting two thyristors in anti-parallel to each of the phase connections of a motor, lntegra continuously adjusts the voltage to the motor terminals by precisely controlling the thyristor’s switch on points. Continuous dynamic control is applied to your motor through a micro controller embedded with unique software. The lntegra unit is also designed to consistently monitor the flux from the motor, and thus is able to maximize potential savings without stalling the application, adversely reducing its speed, or altering its ability to effectively carry out its job of work at any point in the application duty cycle.

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